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Best communication styles to enhance customer loyalty

Best communication styles to enhance customer loyalty

If you are in the vaping business, or wish to be, you will need excellent customer service skills to stand out in the market. 

Great customer service begins with a high level of communication. This communication could be oral (spoken), written, or through graphics and imagery / branding within your shop. For the purpose of this article, we will focus on the language to use with vaping customers, whether they be buying in-person or online. These language techniques will help you to:

  • Impress customers with your knowledge
  • Problem solve / overcome pain points
  • Educate customers about vaping
  • Keep customers coming back

Impress customers with your vaping knowledge

When a customer enters your shop or visits your website, they benefit from feeling informed about the offering. In a brick and mortar shop, this might mean having a salesperson on the floor to ask the customer what they are looking for, telling them about the products and giving them advice on which vape kits might suit their needs. 

You might demonstrate how certain vapes work (for example, showing them how to use a coil) or talk about your top selling e-liquid flavors. Some vape stores allow customers to try vape flavors before purchasing. Your customer should feel you are knowledgeable and therefore an authority in your space. 

If you are using an e-commerce website, the principle is the same. Your product pages should be full of information, including specifications, warnings, flavor profiles and reviews. Your customer should feel that the website is packed with information, possibly with the help of an FAQ page. If your customer needs help, it should be obvious as to how to contact customer services, and responses to questions should be prompt, thoughtful and clear.

Problem solve

Every customer has a pain point. A barrier to purchase. These barriers can include:

  • Price (too high)
  • Concerns about the useability of the product
  • Complicated buying process (website not clear enough)
  • Slow / glitchy website (leads to abandonment)
  • Concerns about suitability of the product
  • Concerns about safety of the product

For example, let’s say someone visits your website and sees an Elf Bar for sale, but it has no information attached. Given that there have been at least 2 million counterfeit Elf Bars made and sold, your customer might doubt the product’s integrity. Having reassuring, authoritative and confident text attached to the product, as well as a clear way to contact customer services (ie Live Chat), gives the customer that extra bit of confidence in the product and moves them past their doubts. 

Identify what the barrier to purchase might be and find a way of proactively solving that problem. If the price is too high, emphasize the value and quality of the product or refer them to a more affordable similar product. If there’s concerns about vaping safety, educate them. If there are website issues causing high bounce rates, use directive language online to drive customers to your basket. Always keep an eye on the reasons your customers are hesitant and use the right language to move them past the issue. 

Educate customers about vaping

Some customers come to stores very nervous about vaping. There has been so much scaremongering in the press, including rumours of popcorn lung and permanent harm being done through vaping. The fact of the matter is, nothing is 100% safe. But vaping is 95% safer than smoking cigarettes

So, if your customers are trying to cut down on cigarettes, this is your chance to help educate them on the benefits of doing so. You can find out more about the differences between smoking cigarettes and vaping by reading our blog post ‘The best vapes for heavy smokers.

More than that, you can educate your customers on various other vaping issues, such as how to dispose of disposable vapes, how to change a coil, how to use CBD disposables, and how to stop common vaping problems from occurring such as a vape tasting burnt. If you are a brick and mortar shop, you will need a great salesman with expert knowledge on vaping to help with this. If you have a website, you could start a blog giving customers the educate they need to create a sale. 

Keep customers coming back

The shopping experience with your shop should be a pleasant one. Customers should leave your store or online website feeling like the transaction was easy and beneficial. To ensure customers feel good about your brand and want to return, make sure you:

  • Are polite and friendly in your language, whether it be verbal or written
  • Highlight special offers, discounts or upcoming sales
  • Treat each customer like they are special 
  • Treat every customer with respect and dignity
  • Make your shop or website user friendly for all abilities
  • Ask your customers questions, care about their needs
  • Solve their problems
  • Ensure they have the best product for their needs

We can help

At JM Distro we give you the very best vaping products for your shop or website. Our brands are fully vetted, and each vape kit is of the highest quality. We also have an informative blog which will educate you on matters relating to vaping, business, marketing and CBD, so that you can pass this knowledge on to your customers. 

If you are not yet using JM Distro for your wholesale vaping supplies, you can do so with ease by setting up an account with us. Or, if you are not yet in the vaping business, you can set up a dropshipping service with us via our dedicated dropshipping web page. Questions? Our customer service team are alway on hand to help. 

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