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Welcome to JM Distro

We are an international wholesale supplier of e-liquids, vape products, CBD products and smoking accessories.

Our trade only website offers vaping equipmente-liquidsCBD products and smoking accessories to local and online vape shops and distributors throughout the world. We stock a huge range of vaping equipment including vape kits and modsvape tanks, RDAs and RTAs. We offer incredible deals from leading brands such as Aspire, Innokin, Vaporesso, SMOK and VooPoo. So whether you are looking for starter kits for your customers or you supply advanced vapers you can 100% rely on JM Distro.

Our massive range of e-liquids will satisfy everyone from the absolute beginner to the most adventurous vaper. We supply popular brands of e-juices from highly renowned manufacturers from around the world. We stock high PG liquids for starter kits, high VG juices for sub-ohm vapers as well as a wide range of nicotine shots and short-fill bottles. Some of our most sought after brands include Pancake Man, Cookie Twist and The Milk Man Series.

We have responded to the worldwide craze for CBD by offering an unrivalled selection CBD oil products from CBD vaping gear to CBD flowers, skincare products and capsules. All of our CBD products are certified to have the highest grade CBD oils with ultra-low levels of THC. We offer the best international deals available including additional discounts for distributors and bulk buyers.

Look no further for all of your smoking accessories including premium quality shishas, hookahsrolling paperszipper bags and lighters. We stock a wide variety of brand name products across our entire range.

Browse our site to view our incredible range of stock and get in touch for the best value and most competitive prices available. Get in touch anytime, 7 days per week.

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    Vaping with Sustainable Materials

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