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Wholesale American E-Liquids

America is one of the biggest vaping markets in the world, so it comes as no surprise that it has some of the biggest and best e-liquid brands. People all over the world want to enjoy American-made e-juice, and we have a huge variety here at JM Distro.

American e-liquids have become very popular for a few reasons:

  1. Wide variety of flavours: American e-liquid manufacturers offer a wide range of flavours to choose from, including authentic tobacco and menthol flavours, as well as a variety of fruit, dessert, and candy flavours, just to name a few. This allows vapers to find a unique flavour that suits their personal taste preferences.
  2. High quality ingredients: American e-liquid manufacturers often use high-quality ingredients in their products, such as USP-grade nicotine and food-grade flavourings. This can result in a better tasting, well-rounded and safer product.
  3. Innovation and creativity: American e-liquid manufacturers are known for their innovation and creativity in developing new and unique flavours. This keeps the market fresh and interesting for consumers, and allows them to explore new and exciting flavours.
  4. Brand recognition: Some American e-liquid brands have become well-known and respected in the vaping community. Consumers may be drawn to these brands due to their reputation for quality and consistency. JM Distro stocks top American vape liquid brands like Twelve Monkeys, Bazooka, Loaded, Candy King, Mad Hatter, Element, Ruthless, and Cloud Thieves.

In the United States, vape liquids are subject to a stringent set of standards and regulations to ensure their safety and quality, which makes them attractive products around the world. Some of the key standards for USA manufactured vape liquids include:

  1. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs): Vape liquid manufacturers must adhere to GMPs, which are guidelines for ensuring the quality and consistency of products.
  2. Ingredients: Vape liquid manufacturers are required to use high-quality ingredients that are safe for consumption. Nicotine used in vape liquids must be USP-grade.
  3. Labelling: Vape liquid containers must have clear labelling that includes a list of ingredients, nicotine content, and warnings.
  4. Packaging: Vape liquid packaging must be child-resistant to prevent accidental ingestion.
  5. Testing: Vape liquid manufacturers are required to test their products for contaminants and nicotine levels.

Overall, the standards for USA manufactured vape liquids are designed to ensure their safety and quality, and to protect consumers from potential harm. It is important for consumers to choose vape liquids from reputable manufacturers who adhere to these standards.

We’ll deliver your e-liquid order directly to your business in no time at all. We deliver fully insured to over 170 countries around the world, providing low prices and fast service. And if you have any questions, our friendly staff will be only too happy to help.

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