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Vape & CBD Point-of-Sale/Countertop Displays

Investing in POS displays and CDUs can significantly elevate the retail experience you provide, resulting in increased sales and customer satisfaction. At JM Distro, we're well-acquainted with the unique challenges and opportunities that the burgeoning vape and CBD markets present. Our solution? An expertly curated range of POS displays and CDUs designed specifically for these sectors.

Our collection of POS displays and CDUs are artfully designed to highlight the unique design elements of vape and CBD products, enhancing their visual appeal and making them irresistible to customers. Their sleek design ensures maximum visibility, enabling customers to engage with products from various angles and appreciate the distinctive features up close. A well-presented product assortment not only invites customers to explore further but also inspires confidence in the quality of your offerings.

These display units serve a dual purpose - not only do they beautifully showcase your products, but they also provide valuable product information. This educative aspect empowers customers to navigate the nuanced landscape of vape and CBD products, encouraging informed purchasing decisions. Consequently, even those who are new to the world of vape and CBD can feel secure in their product choices, boosting your sales potential.

The power of these display units is remarkable. They are much more than just a product showcase - they serve as a narrative about your brand and the products you offer. Imagine a customer walking into your store interested in CBD products. Instead of being greeted by a generic shelf of products, they find a detailed display unit offering information on the various CBD options available - oils, balms, edibles - and their potential benefits. This level of customer engagement transforms mere curiosity into loyal patronage.

Furthermore, these display units are adaptable to a wide variety of retail spaces, enhancing your store layout and design. Whether you own a quaint vape store or a large-scale CBD retail outlet, our display units can seamlessly integrate into your shop's aesthetic.

Alongside our display units, JM Distro provides informative leaflets and posters that enhance customer understanding of vape and CBD products. These resources help bridge any knowledge gaps between your customers and your sales team. By offering clear explanations on what these products are, their usage, and potential benefits, customers are reassured and more likely to make a purchase, fostering long-term relationships with your store.

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