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Wholesale CBG Products

The cannabis business expects CBG (cannabigerol) to be the next big thing customers are looking for. The medical community and ardent cannabis investors alike are already showing a great deal of interest in CBG, which has led to it being dubbed the "new CBD", but has even more health advantages.

JM Distro sees the enormous potential in CBG and is stocked and prepared for the surge in supplier interest. JM Distro takes pride in always being one step ahead of the market. We have a wide selection of high-quality CBG products from market-dominating brands like Dr Green, yCBG Broad-Spectrum, Little Rick, LVWell, Paso, and Dr Watson, including numerous award winners.

Our selection of CBG items is wide-ranging and expanding, and we're determined to grow our reputation as the greatest one-stop CBG provider in the industry. These products range from vape cartridges, juice, and pens, to oils and drinks infused with CGB. From CBG oils and isolates to distillates and vape pens, we carry everything.

All of our bulk CBG products adhere to UK legal requirements, and any THC has been reduced to allowable levels. This guarantees their lack of psychoactivity and guarantees that consumers will only receive the health advantages of CBG. 

Due to the fact that practically all other cannabinoids, including CBD, THC, and CBC, start as CBG, CBG is sometimes referred to as the "mother cannabinoid”.

Early studies reveal that CBG possesses antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects that could potentially treat infections and destroy bacteria, despite being one of the most recent research areas in the marijuana market. According to additional research, CBG may be useful in treating conditions like glaucoma, Huntington's disease, MRSA infections, and tumour growth inhibition.

You should make sure to inspect the CBG items you purchase for supporting documents that indicate their purity because, like with CBD, the strength of CBG will depend on the outcomes of its lab testing.

JM Distro is here to help you choose products for your customers and to answer any questions you may have about CBG.

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