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Wholesale CBD Vape Pen

Many CBD users choose vape pens because of their power, portability and convenience. With their pre-loaded cartridges and preset voltage settings, pens make vaping CBD even easier. CBD vape pens strike the ideal balance between ease-of-use and power, by being compact and light, while being one of the fastest ways to get CBD into the body.

For contemporary vapers, JM Distro offers a variety of rechargeable kits. Because the batteries are built-in, you can leave your bulky, big 18650s at home! Users still have control over the intensity of the flavour and the volume of the vapour thanks to adjustable power presets, which avoid getting bogged down in the mathematics of coil resistance and voltages.

Pick from our selection of high-quality vape pens. With the help of our fantastic vape pens you can introduce your consumers to a simple yet stylish method to experience CBD.

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