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Wholesale TAAT

TAAT is a brand that specializes in providing a range of smoking alternatives that are free of both tobacco and nicotine, instead relying on CBD plant-based substitutes. Originating from the United States, TAAT is designed to offer smokers an alternative path towards a life free from both tobacco and nicotine.

The products offered by TAAT are crafted using their exclusive Beyond Tobacco blend, meticulously engineered to replicate the familiar smoking experience, including the taste, scent, and ritual associated with tobacco. However, these alternatives eliminate the harmful effects of nicotine and tobacco. TAAT offers several versions of their product, including TAAT Original and TAAT Smooth. The TAAT Original flavour provides smokers with a taste reminiscent of Marlboro Red, Winston, and American Spirit Blue, while the TAAT Smooth flavour offers a lighter and crisper taste. Both flavours contain absolutely no nicotine or tobacco and include up to 25mg of CBD per stick. TAAT empowers smokers with the choice to savour the smoking experience they enjoy without the need for nicotine consumption.

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