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Wholesale Tips and Roaches

Tips and roaches are important for any smokers, so make sure your customers have a regular supply when they need to restock. Don’t risk them going somewhere else by running out of these essential items. Buy your tips and roaches in bulk from JM Distro today.

We have tips and roaches with various designs, from simple black and red patterns to dollar bill and pound note designs. They come in natural, multicolor, and organic options, and you can choose from small and large boxes depending on your needs. We only stock tips and roaches from the most trusted manufacturers including Rizla, OCB, Zig-Zag, Swan, Hornet, amongst others.

We’ll send your tips and roaches directly to your address and ship to 170 countries all around the world. JM Distro prides itself on providing fast and fully insured shipping so you can order with complete peace of mind, and remember you’ll always find competitive prices for the best products here.

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