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Wholesale CBD Extracts & Concentrates

We take great pride in our wholesale CBD extracts & concentrates, and are confident that you and your customers will love them as much as we do. Our team is constantly researching, developing and stocking new and innovative CBD products, ensuring that our customers always have access to the latest and greatest CBD extracts and concentrates.

CBD extracts and concentrates break down into three main groups: 

  • Full-spectrum - Includes all parts of the cannabis/hemp plant. These products are the best choice for people who want to experience a broad range of phyto-cannabinoids, as well as CBD.
  • Broad-spectrum - Contains most of the cannabis plant compounds. Good for users who want some additional cannabinoids, but primarily CBD.
  • Isolate - Only contains CBD with no other cannabinoids.

      While CBD oil is still the most used form of CBD, consumers are now choosing CBD jelly, hash, isolates, waxes, and other concentrates to get the most out of their CBD. You can browse all of the wholesale CBD extracts that JM Distro offers here, all of which are produced to the highest standards.

      Resin extracts and pastes are the rawest form of CBD concentrates. They contain all the sticky, CBD-rich resins from hemp flowers but eliminate fibres, proteins and moisture from the extract. Waxes are a slightly darker oily substance generally used for dabs or vapes. Shatters have a higher concentration of CBD than waxes. Live resin extracts are made using fresh frozen plant material instead of dried plant material. Crystals are pure CBD isolate that comes in a powdery form.

      At JM Distro, we carry a wide variety of the top CBD Solid, CBD Jelly, CBD Isolate, and Terpenes. These goods are offered by some of the best manufacturers in the sector and come in a variety of sizes. Many of them come in a wide variety of flavours and are naturally extracted.

      All of our CBD products are third-party tested, and we make the results of these tests available to our customers, so you can be confident in the quality and potency of our products. All of JM Distro’s CBD edibles are Novel Foods compliant and have been given the go-ahead for sale in the UK by the Food Standards Agency since we take compliance and regulation very seriously.

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