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CBME stands as an innovative brand founded upon the principles of holistic well-being and tailored health solutions. Guided by the thoughtful leadership of Bhavin, a specialised pharmacist, CBME emerged to address individual health concerns with precise and effective remedies.

The inception of this journey dates back to 2018, in the vibrant city of San Diego, California, where Bhavin first encountered cannabidiol (CBD) as a natural alternative fostering calmness and focus. CBD's transformative effects offered a fresh perspective on holistic health, compelling Bhavin to share this revelation with his family.

A pivotal moment in CBME's genesis occurred when Bhavin's mother experienced significant relief from chronic arthritic knee pain through CBD, highlighting its potential for diverse health issues. This revelation inspired the creation of CBME, focusing on all-natural, functional CBD-based products tailored to diverse health needs. Beyond delivering superior quality, CBME is on a mission to drive positive social change by giving back to communities and supporting those in need, showcasing a commitment to enhancing health and well-being with a tangible societal impact.

CBME's product line boasts a range of delightful options, featuring flagship offerings like CBME Relieve. Strategically crafted for post-workout recovery, this variant eases muscle aches and pains while providing relief for troublesome joints. A versatile supplement, it is suitable for consumption before bedtime or after an evening workout. Additionally, CBME presents the serene CBME Relax gummies, designed to alleviate the stresses of modern life, be it from conference calls, demanding task lists, kitchen clashes, or bedtime stories. CBME takes pride in pioneering the British CBD gummy landscape, seamlessly blending therapeutic efficacy with gourmet indulgence.

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