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Wholesale Disposable Vape Bar

As an authorised distributor, JM Distro houses many brands of popular disposables that include ELF, Geek Bar, ELUX and more.

Designed to be used once and then thrown away, disposable vape bars come pre-filled with vape juice so that they won't need be charged, or refills so you won't have to deal the mess of attempting to refill them or suddenly run of vapes because of a forgotten recharge of your device's battery. Thanks to auto-draw technology, many vapes don't need you to click or press a button to start vaping. As a way to get new people into vaping, disposable vapes are an ideal choice to get them started as they're the easiest and most convenient way to vape but they also avoid one needing to invest in various juices and kits.

At JM Distro, we offer a wide range of wholesale disposable vape pens. If you're interested, please contact one of the members of our friendly team about your order.

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