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Wholesale Large Disposables

All of the disposable vape bars in this category are all 0mg (nicotine free), have more than 800 puffs and have larger e-liquid capacities which combined allows vapers to enjoy long-lasting vapes than your standard 600 puffs+ disposable. And just like those standard disposables, they are all pre-filled with vape juice that does not require any charging or refills, saving you the trouble of any messy spills or leaks.

Having 0mg nicotine means that through TPD standards and regulations, all disposable vaping brands can take full advantage of and deliver higher puff counts well into the thousands along with stronger, longer lasting flavours to experience. Another advantage is these larger disposables like their smaller counterparts are more cost effective whilst being ever bit as convenient to enjoy to vape, particularly for newcomers looking to start up vaping. We also stock large CBD disposable vape products here too.

JM Wholesale has various ranges of wholesale large disposables to browse through, all of which have been chosen carefully by our in-house experts. You don’t need to meet a minimum order to buy from us and we offer discounts on certain products when you buy in bulk. Get in touch to talk to one of our friendly team about your order.

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