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Wholesale Tank Fuel E-liquids

Tank Fuel is a high-quality e-liquid brand created by The Vapeist, a family-owned business based in the southwest of the United Kingdom. They have a wide selection of tastes in 70/30 and 50/50 PG/VG ratios, as well as short-fill and Nic salt and e-liquid options.

When used with a sub-ohm vape kit or tank, these e-liquids generate massive clouds without losing taste. They provide a variety of tantalising fruity tastes as well as Ice-based e-liquids, making them a perfect choice for both seasoned vapers and those wanting to quit nicotine. The Vapeist has been making an impact in the scene since 2022 and is dedicated to helping people quit smoking through vaping. JM Wholesale is pleased to collaborate with Vapeist to provide you Tank Fuel and its extensive product line.

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