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SAFE VAPING! - FREE A2 Posters for all.

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Secure Secure

Encourage the truth about vaping to surface and dispel common misconceptions with our SAFE VAPING! high-resolution A2 poster. Available to every vape shop in the UK at absolutely no cost, these posters play an integral role in educating both vape shop owners and customers about the actual safety of vaping.

In today's digital era, misinformation spreads easily and quickly. Too often, vaping has been on the receiving end of unfounded negativity and incorrect data. Our SAFE VAPING! poster seeks to correct these misconceptions by presenting accurate, backed-up information on vaping. Now, every vape shop in the UK can contribute to debunking these myths by displaying our informative posters in their establishments.

Our posters are absolutely free of charge and there are no strings attached - not even in the small print. Each poster comes without any mention of JM Wholesale, ensuring that the poster is strictly informative and educational without any marketing undertones or promotions. We're committed to the truth about vaping and want our posters to reflect that.

The SAFE VAPING! poster is available for every vape shop in the UK. To ensure fairness in distribution, we have a limit of 2 posters per shop/order. This way, we can reach out to as many establishments as possible, contributing to a more informed vaping community throughout the UK.

But we're not just stopping at physical posters. We're also providing free web banners! These web banners can be easily downloaded and used on your websites to continue spreading accurate information about vaping online. No registration is needed; simply click here to start downloading the web banners now!

Together, we can fight against the misinformation about vaping and cultivate a more knowledgeable and understanding vaping community.

Please note: There is no mention of JM Wholesale, nor any marketing info or promotions on the banner.

Maximum of 2 posters per shop/order. 

FREE WEB BANNERS are also Available!

No registration needed, just Click Here to download the web banners now!