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Dr Watson 5000mg CBD E-Liquid Pineapple Express - 10ml

SKU EF0333 - X0110
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Step into a tropical paradise with Dr. Watson's 5000mg CBD E-Liquid Pineapple Express. This 10ml bottle offers a potent and premium CBD vaping experience as it combines 5000mg of high-quality CBD with the sweet and tangy flavour of pineapple. The smooth and refreshing vapor will transport you to a tropical bliss while the powerful CBD works its magic to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and soothe both the mind and body. Whether you are a seasoned vaper or new to CBD, this e-liquid will surely become your go-to for a tranquil and rejuvenating experience.

  • Highest concentration cannabinoid vape liquid in the UK
  • For use in your open tank vape
  • Tastes like hemp | perfect for an authentic experience
  • Naturally Soothing & Relaxing 
  • Premium Full Spectrum Distillate
  • CBD + CBG 
  • 5000mg CBD
  • 10ml Bottle

Usage: Gently Squeeze liquid into the tank. Ready to Vape. 

Ingredients: Full spec distillate, pineapple flavour, Live Resin Terpenes, PG.

THC Content >0.2%