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A Guide to CBD, Disposable Vapes and CBD Vaping

A Guide to CBD, Disposable Vapes and CBD Vaping

From its criminalization to its commercialization, cannabis has been through a series of phases and trends, the latest of which has to do with its consumption. The legalization of medical and recreational cannabis in some parts of the world has led to the recent increase in the production and consumption of the plant and its related products.

The cannabis plant is known for both its medicinal and recreational uses. Experiencing pain in your joints? Need to sleep better? Want to have a good time at a rave? Cannabis is the answer, but the options are where the difference lies. The components of the cannabis plant are what determine the effects it has on a user. Two of the most common components of cannabis are Cannabidiol and Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as CBD and THC, respectively.

These components have parallel influences on consumers because THC can be mind-altering, while CBD offers more medicinal benefits. Therefore CBD is the more common choice for cannabis strains that people look out for.

When it comes to the consumption of CBD, people tend to either stick with the standard, traditional methods or explore creative choices. While smoking is the most popular and oldest way of consuming cannabis, it is also one of the most harmful to the consumer. Smoking involves the combustion of the cannabis plant to emit the smoke substance and that process, plus inhalation of the combusted smoke exposes you to several health risks (damage to your lungs and possible occurrence of cancer).

As healthier and safer alternatives to smoking, cannabis consumers have turned to edibles, gummies, and other forms of consumption to get their hit of CBD. However, there is a different experience and level of impact that can be gotten from using Vapes or Elf Bars, which have become highly acceptable within the cannabis community.


So, what exactly is a vape?

A vape, also known as a disposable vape bar or an elf bar, is quite literally a vaporizer. It is an electronic device that heats up liquid from a cartridge and converts it into vapor. That vapor is what is inhaled as ‘smoke.’ Designs of vapes have evolved to include cannabis vapes that are specifically designed for CBD consumers.

Disposable vape pens or bars or elf bars are pocket-size bar/pen-shaped vapes that are super easy to use and still have the capacity to pack a punch. Depending on your desired flavor, strain, or content, a CBD vape can become your new best friend. You may have doubts about the potency of a vape bar, but remember the saying ‘small but mighty’? That’s exactly what a vape bar or elf bar is!

With a disposable vape bar, you enjoy the full experience of consuming CBD with none of the stress or health risks. But you don’t have to jump right in and get a vape. We have the facts to back it up!

In an online study conducted in 2016, it was found that cannabis users that “…preferred vaping reported it to be healthier, better tasting, produced better effects, and more satisfying.” If that isn’t enough to convince you to get a vape, check out some of the amazing benefits it offers!

  • It is a healthier choice

Vape bars have lower amounts of harmful substances that can cause debilitating effects on your body. When you vape, the toxic elements that are generated are little to none, unlike when you smoke a blunt or use a bong (which has a filter for dangerous particles but isn’t perfect). The combination of low production of harmful substances, the transmission of dangerous particles, and the fact that disposable vape bars offer highly medicinal benefits make vape bars a superior choice for both medicinal and recreational cannabis consumption.

  • Less for more

With a vape bar, you don’t need to spend as much money on the cartridge liquid or e-oil because the vaporization process offers high potency of the content. That way, you get to enjoy a longer ‘buzz’ from the same cannabis content that would have probably been the ideal quantity for a quick hit. Also, the combustion process in smoking blunts results in the loss or reduction of the cannabis content. Vape bars help you avoid that waste and they use less content for more benefits! It’s a win all around!

  • Portability

For the average cannabis consumer, portability is a non-negotiable quality that the cannabis product and/or tool for consumption must have. Vape Bars/Elf Bars fit this requirement perfectly because the very foundation of their design is directed at addressing portability. You can throw your vape bar into your bag, purse, pocket, or even hold it without raising suspicion. It’s the perfect getaway device to enjoy your favorite strain without worrying about the weight or comfortability of carrying it around.

  • Public-Friendly

Still relating to the portability benefit of vape bars, they are a great choice for public use. When you have brunch plans or you’re hanging out in a place that allows smoking, you can easily whip out your disposable vape bar and enjoy a hit of your favorite strain. Vapes can be used at outdoor events and in most places where the regulations allow smoking. With a vape, you won’t look or feel absurd while getting a hit.

  • Potency

The potency of a vape or any other form of cannabis consumption depends on the component with the higher percentage in that strain. But one major benefit of using a vape is that you can enjoy high levels of potency in whatever strain you prefer. And what’s more? Your hit will come in calm, slow waves that can last you for however long you need!

  • No Smell Trail

One major disadvantage of smoking cannabis through blunts or joints is the fact that the combustion and exhale create a strong stench that can linger on the consumer. If you want to enjoy your strain without having a smell trailing after you, you should definitely consider a vape. You don’t have to deal with that harsh smell that comes with smoking a typical blunt -it’s a stress-free and smell-free situation.

  • Zero Discomfort

The hot smoke emanating from a bong, the scratch of a low-quality blunt paper, the burn of a nearly-out joint, those are things you never have to deal with when you use a vape. The materials used in developing our vapes are skin-friendly, comfortable, and sensitive to your body. In fact, you are sure to enjoy the soothing comfort and have a great time vaping!


Cannabis consumption is highly individual and you may have a truly unique experience. But with a vape bar or elf bar, you can get the best out of the experience. They are comfortable to carry, easy to use, and they offer a wide variety of strains and flavors to experience. Try out our disposable vape bars like the Darwin The Big One 2000mg CBD Disposable Vape Device that offers 3000 Puffs, an elf bar like the 20mg Brit Bar Disposable Vape Device that offers 575 Puffs, or any of our amazing CBD product catalog today!

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