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Why Does Your Vape Taste Bad?

Why Does Your Vape Taste Bad?

Help! If you’ve noticed your vape tastes ‘off’, ‘burnt’ or just generally unpleasant, there are a number of potential reasons for it. While vaping is safe and fun, common problems do occur that can be fixed provided you know the cause. Here are some solutions:

Coil Needs Changing 

This is the most obvious cause of a bad tasting vape pen. It is the prime suspect if the taste you are experiencing is burnt. Thankfully, it is also one of the easiest problems to fix. 

Every vape kit contains a coil. It is located in the body of the vape pen, above the e-liquid. The coil’s job is to heat the liquid to create the vapor that is then inhaled via the mouthpiece. 

If you are vaping with a refillable device (not a disposable) then a defective or old coil can be replaced. In a disposable vape, the coil is thrown out with the device and you simply open and vape with a new device. 

A true sign that your coil is the problem is if you have been enjoying your vape, and then all of a sudden, the flavour just turns sour. It may seem slightly burnt. There is usually a lead up to this that many people overlook. If your vape feels duller than usual, with an underwhelming taste, this is a sign your coil is on its way out. However, many people don’t notice and continue to vape anyway - to the point of burning the coil and creating a revolting flavour. 

Testing whether your coil is to blame is easy. All you have to do is inspect your coil. Your vape’s coil is wrapped in white cotton, and after a while the cotton will become old and turn darker in colour. So, the darker your coil looks, the more burnt it is. Simple. 

If your coil isn’t looking off, but your vape still tastes bad, one of two things is happening. Either your coil is defective in another way, in which case trying a new coil will give you the answer. Or, there’s something else happening to your vape kit. 

To find a coil to suit your device, click here

Vaper's Tongue

Vaping tongue is a phenomenon experienced by heavier vapers, or those who have been doing it for a long time. It is nothing to panic about, but can often cause the symptom of a vape tasting off. In this case it is not the vape that’s causing the problem but your own body.  

There are a number of known reasons that vapers tongue occurs. Some say it is caused by dehydration which affects your taste buds’ ability to taste the flavour of your vape juice. Drinking plenty of water is an easy fix. Another potential reason is ‘flavor fatigue’, which is where you have bombarded your taste buds with too much of a good thing, and they are telling you they need a break. The solution to this problem is twofold. You can vape a little bit less and give them some intermission time. Or you can change to a new flavour. 

Interestingly, trying too many flavors at once can also cause vaper’s tongue. You can cleanse your pallet in between swapping flavors by drinking a cup of coffee, as this replenishes your senses. 

Lastly, a buildup of bacteria can also lead to vapers tongue. Try brushing your tongue with a toothbrush and using some antibacterial mouthwash. 

Flavor Ghosting 

Flavor ghosting is a phrase used to describe the experience of one flavor being ‘leftover’ from a previous vaping session, and interfering with the new flavor / vape juice. For example, if you were vaping strawberry e-liquid for months, and then swapped to lemon, you might get an odd taste from where the strawberry is still coming through residually. 

The good news is, you might accidentally find a delicious flavor blend! The bad news is, you’re more likely to have a disgusting flavor blend. But it’s easily solved. Simply ensure that your tank is properly flushed out of any residual e-liquid before adding a new one. 

Poor Maintenance 

Not replacing your pods when you should, lacking in hygiene and cleanliness, ignoring burnt coils, or generally mishandling your vape kit will lead to damage. And consequently, a poor tasting vape. Eventually, the entire system will need to be replaced which is costly and quite unnecessary when proper care steps are taken. If you do require a whole new vaping system due to poor care, take a look at our range

Contains Terpenes

If what you are vaping is full spectrum CBD, it might be that the ‘off’ taste is terpenes. Terpenes are a component of the cannabis plant that are included in full spectrum CBD products and taste very earthy, a bit like thyme and rosemary. If these flavors are then mixed with a sweet flavour, like Birthday Cake or Candy Floss, the combination might feel very strange. If you are not expecting this combination, you might believe there’s something wrong with the vape kit. In actual fact, this flavor is deliberate. If it’s not for you, ensure you do not opt for terpene infused products in the future. 

Poor-Quality E-Liquid 

Finally, it could be that the e-liquid you are using isn’t good enough quality. If you have ruled everything else out, and cannot find any fault with your device. Or, if you have changed your device but are still experiencing the same problem, the last and most probable culprit is the liquid. This is an unfortunate reality when buying vape products off the internet - some vendors are selling fake juice, or e-liquids that don’t meet quality standards. Others are selling DIY liquids that haven’t been tested or regulated. 

The only way to avoid this is by buying your e-liquid from a trusted, reliable, well known seller. You can count on JM Distro for high quality, reliable vape juice and other vaping accessories and devices to ensure that you avoid being left with a bad taste in your mouth. 

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