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The Best Vapes For Heavy Smokers

The Best Vapes For Heavy Smokers

Making the transition from smoking cigarettes to vaping is a brave one, and not without its challenges. Research shows that using a vape kit to quit cigarette smoking is more effective than traditional nicotine replacements or going cold turkey. But what happens if you are a heavy smoker? Will vaping cut it? Here’s what you should know…

What defines a heavy smoker?

A heavy smoker is a person who smokes more than 25 cigarettes a day and makes up around 26% of all smokers. Heavy smokers are more likely to be male, upwards of 30, and less likely to be employed. Given the amount of nicotine this group require, a higher nicotine vaping kit will be more appropriate to begin with. Over time, the amount of nicotine can be dropped according to the vaper’s preference. But even if they choose not to reduce their nicotine intake, they will experience greater health benefits from avoiding the tar and poisons in cigarette smoke. 

Why swap to vaping?

Cigarette smoking, especially heavy smoking, is incredibly dangerous and correlates with the development of various cancers, skin conditions, mental health problems and social issues. Vaping is 95% safer than smoking cigarettes, even with the nicotine content included. This does not make vaping 100% safe - nothing is - but it does reduce (if not eliminate) certain risks associated with smoking. 

Choosing a vape kit

Heavy smokers will benefit from having the following in a vape kit:

  • A higher nicotine level

Heavy smokers will crave nicotine if the levels are too low, so should begin with 20mg. However, if a heavy smoker needs more than this, there is the option to mix your own e-liquids using DIY materials. This bypasses the 20mg upper limit regulation. 

  • MTL (mouth to lung) style vaping. 

Cigarette smoking is a form of ‘mouth to lung’ activity, meaning smoke gets inhaled into your mouth first and then into the lungs. Mouth to lung vaping is the same process. Some vape kits are designed for direct lung vaping, which is where the mouth is bypassed, and these vape kits are less suited to ex smokers.

  • A coil resistances in the range of 0.8ohm to 1.8ohm

Most vape kits have a coil resistance within this range so that mouth to lung vaping can be achieved. But check the vape kit instructions and specifications first. 

  • A high puff count (if choosing disposables)

If opting for a disposable vape pen, you’ll need to pay attention to the puff count. This is the number of puffs you can expect to get from a vape kit. A heavy smoker might take more puffs than a light smoker and so, if your disposable vape has a low puff count, you will run out quicker. This could become costly. Choose a high puff count kit to begin with and keep a note of how long it lasts you. 

  • A higher PG ratio for a throat hit 

Many ex smokers miss that strong throat hit they get from cigarette smoking. If this sounds familiar, a higher PG level is appropriate to try and mimic this. PG refers to an ingredient found in the e-liquid - the higher this level, the stronger the taste and the throat hit. If you are buying a disposable, check the PG level and ensure it is 50% or higher. If you are buying an e-liquid this should be stated on the bottle. You can also make your own e-liquids by mixing them yourself, so that this way you control the PG level.

  • Adjustable air flow (not available on disposables)

Some vape kits have an adjustable airflow to allow you to control how much vapour is released. If you are used to smoking loosely rolled hand-rolled tobacco, you will be used to having more smoke to inhale and exhale than a tightly rolled cigarette. If you wish to mimic this, find a vape kit with an adjustable air flow. 

  • A cigarette-like style

Finally, ex smokers might be keen to mimic the look and feel of a cigarette. Some say that part of the addiction is to the process of smoking (the lighting of the cigarette, the arm movement, the feel of the cigarette in the hand), and therefore mimicking this can, in itself, deter cravings. Some vape kits are designed exactly for this purpose, to mimic a cigarette and make the experience as realistic as possible. 

We recommend

We have here two recommendations for ex smokers to try:

Smok Vape Pen V2 Kit

This refillable vape pen has an adjustable airflow, mesh coil of 0.15Ω, a 1600mAh built-in battery and up to 60W output. The top cap refill is easy to fill up with a 20mg nicotine based e-liquid for effective vaping. 

20mg Bud Vape Ciggy Disposable Vape Device 800 Puffs

Pre-filled with 2ml of 20mg nicotine salt e-liquid, this cigarette-styled vape kit has 800 puffs, a 550mAh battery and draw activation for easy vaping. 

Making Adjustments

If you make the decision to begin dropping down on your nicotine intake after getting used to vaping over smoking, then this can be done without any complications. You can choose a vape with 10mg or 5mg nicotine content, or make your own e-liquid to this effect, gradually reducing your nicotine intake down to a level you are comfortable with. You can also try CBD vaping as a healthy alternative to nicotine vaping. CBD is a medicinal and safe compound derived from the hemp plant, and can help reduce cravings and boost overall health. 

If you need any help in selecting the right vaping products, one of our team can assist you. 

If you are dropshipping with us, make sure that you have products in your inventory that will cater to heavy smokers transitioning away from cigarettes and into vaping. This will give them the best chances of success, and maximise the chance of them re-ordering. 

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