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STOP THE FLAVOUR BAN: Sign the Petition Against the UK Government Ban on Flavoured E-Liquids

Vaping has helped more than 4 million of the UK Population quit smoking tobacco, and one of the main reasons behind so many making the switch to a healthier alternative has been choice. Namely the choice of flavoured e-liquids that many vapers enjoy on their journey to a smoke-free lifestyle.

The UK Government’s decision to ban disposable vaping devices to crack down on youth vaping late last month also indicated a potential crackdown on flavoured e-liquids that have an appeal to young people such as fruit and dessert flavours.

At JM-Distro we understand that drastically restricting access to choice when it comes to the liquids that you vape, could have a catastrophic effect on the number of people choosing vaping as a safer alternative to smoking, which is why we are urging our customers to support and sign the STOP THE FLAVOUR BAN petition.

As adult vapers, we should have the freedom to choose from a variety of flavours, that help to keep people away from tobacco products and make healthier, long-term choices.

Smoking tobacco is estimated to claim over 8 million lives annually according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Limiting e-liquid flavours to a mere handful could do much to undermine the progress of those who have already made the transition to vapes as a smoking cessation tool, and deter those who may otherwise choose vaping as a way to quit in the future.

We’re calling on as many people as possible to sign and spread the message the prohibition doesn’t work and that the answer to tackling youth vaping is stricter regulations at the point of sale and fines for those caught supplying nicotine products to underage customers.

You can view the full petition here.
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