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Why are Footballers Using Snus?

Why are Footballers Using Snus?

Written By Christian Jones - Content Executive at JM Distro

So this new trend sweeping across football - it's got nothing to do with fancy tactics or new training methods. Nope, it's all about snus. Now if you're not familiar, snus is this smokeless tobacco product that originated in Scandinavia. It's basically becoming well known among footballers now.

In a sport where the smallest details can make a difference, snus seems to be gaining popularity because of the calming and performance-boosting effects users say it has. According to The Athletic, Premier League players have been openly using it in the dressing room. And get this - at some clubs it's actually become more common for players to use it even during matches!

History of Snus

Snus has quite a history you know. Way back in 18th century Sweden, farmers there started growing tobacco which they'd import from America. They came up with snus as a way to enjoy their crop. They'd grind the leaves into a fine powder, add some moisture and salt and other flavours.

This was different from the dry snuff more common elsewhere at the time. Swedish snus was moist and meant to be placed under your lip rather than up your nose. This let the nicotine release more slowly over a longer period, which the hard-working farmers appreciated. Over the centuries since, snus became deeply ingrained in Swedish culture as not just a nicotine product but a symbol of their European identity and traditions.

Modern snus is usually just little fabric pouches that you pop under your upper lip. This lets the nicotine absorb directly into your bloodstream without needing to inhale like with smoking. In the past snus pouches did contain tobacco, but now they're often made with just nicotine and no tobacco at all.

Understanding Snus

The nicotine gives you a bit of a buzz to stimulate your nervous system and potentially boost your focus and alertness. But it can also have a relaxing effect by reducing tension and anxiety, according to users. And for footballers, the discreetness of snus while it's in use is ideal since they're so often on camera.

While snus is not entirely risk-free, many claim that its health risks are much lower compared to smoking. There have been studies linking long-term snus use to health issues like cancer, cardiovascular disease and pancreatic disease. But the risks appear to be significantly lower than with smoking cigarettes.

For example, one study found the risk of pancreatic cancer was 20 to 40 times higher for smokers compared to snus users. The risks for mouth, throat and lung cancers were also much higher for smokers. However, it's important to note that nicotine itself can raise blood pressure and heart rate, so even snus is not completely harmless.

Like with any substance, moderation is key. Snus users should aim to use the smallest amount possible that provides the benefits they seek, such as improved focus and relaxation. They should also avoid using snus continuously throughout the day, instead restricting use to specific times or situations where they feel it could be most helpful.

And of course, non-nicotine options should be considered first whenever possible. Simple strategies like meditation, breathing exercises and good hydration can help provide mental clarity and calmness without the health trade-offs of nicotine.

In the end, while snus use may provide some benefits for footballers in the short term, they must weigh those against the potential long-term health consequences of regular nicotine intake.

Snus on the Pitch

Football is a high-pressure environment where anticipation before big games and constant scrutiny can all add to tension and anxiety. Snus users say it provides a calming effect to help relax, focus and perform better. Some players even use it during matches looking for the concentration and energy boost that nicotine provides. While the direct impact on athletic performance isn't proven, reports suggest it may help with decision-making and reaction times.

Snus isn't completely risk-free since it contains nicotine, but it's generally considered less harmful than smoking. That's because there's no combustion involved like with cigarettes, and that's what causes most of the health issues. So using snus could be viewed as a safer "harm reduction" approach for nicotine users in football.

Footballers as Role Models

When big name players choose snus, it sends a message to fans about safer options and harm reduction - and that could be an important public health message, especially around smoking. In a sport where even the tiniest edge matters, it's no surprise players will try anything to gain an advantage, even something unconventional like snus. As we learn more about its effects, snus may become more and more common in dressing rooms worldwide. But it's important information provided emphasises harm reduction.​


In a sport where even the smallest edge can make a difference, it's no surprise that players are turning to every tool available to them - even something as unconventional as snus. As we learn more about the effects of snus, it's possible that this Scandinavian import will become an increasingly common sight in dressing rooms around the world. What's important is that this trend is accompanied by clear, accurate information and an emphasis on harm reduction.

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