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Silverback Wellness Ashwagandha & Lions Mane Infused Shilajit Resin 25g

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Unlock your full potential with Silverback Wellness' Ashwagandha & Lions Mane Infused Shilajit Resin - 25g. This unique blend combines the adaptogenic properties of Ashwagandha and the cognitive support of Lions Mane with the powerful mineral-rich Shilajit resin. Experience the healing power of nature as each serving delivers vitality and mental clarity, making it a perfect addition to your daily wellness routine. With an ample supply in the 25g jar, you can embrace holistic well-being and harness the benefits of these revered herbs for an extended period. Choose Silverback Wellness and elevate your mind and body with Ashwagandha & Lions Mane Infused Shilajit Resin.

  • 25g Resin 
  • Ashwagandha & Lions Mane Infused Shilajit
  • Boost Mind and Body
  • Helps cognitive function
  • Boosts stress resilience

Dosage: Add a small amount the size of a small pea of resin to dissolve in hot water.

Ingredients: Ashwagandha, Lions Mane, Shilajit