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PRIME Energy USA Lemon Lime Drink Can 355ml - Best Before date

by Prime
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- Please Note: The Best Before date of this product is 02/2025.

Developed to give you a potent burst of energy when needed, Prime Energy is the prefect boost for everyday endeavour. With a bold thirst quenching Lemon Lime flavour, it will help replenish, refresh and refuel you each you time need it.

  • USA Edition
  • 355ml Can
  • 200mg Caffeine
  • 300mg Electrolytes
  • Also Available As A Pack Of 12
  • Zero Sugar
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free

Nutritional Information:
Per 330ml

  • Energy: 42kJ/10kcal
  • Fat: <0g
  • Of Which Saturates: 0g
  • Carbohydrate: 3g
  • Of Which Sugars: 0g
  • Protein: 0g
  • Salt: 0.17g


  • Vitamin B6: 2.6mg (%RI* 182)
  • Vitamin B12: 3.6µg (%RI* 144)
  • Caffeine: 140mg
  • L-Theanine: 75mg
  • Inositol: 37.5mg
  • Glucuronolactone: 37.5mg
  • Taurine: 37.5mg

*RI = Reference intake of an average adult (8400kJ/2000kcal)

🍋PRIME Hydration Energy Lemon Lime Drink has been a game-changer in the sports drink scene in the UK, garnering a plethora of rave reviews. This specially crafted beverage has emerged as a favourite among fitness enthusiasts, providing them with both hydration and a delightful citrusy burst.

The flavour profile of PRIME Energy Lemon Lime is a consistent crowd-pleaser. A customer likened it to "enjoying a cool glass of lemonade and lime in a sunny pub beer garden." This captivating description encapsulates the refreshing experience offered by PRIME Energy. The perfect symphony of sweetness and a slight tart aftertaste has left consumers longing for more. The aroma that wafts from the can, brimming with the scent of ripe lemons and limes, completes this tantalising sensory experience.

A remarkable facet of PRIME Energy Lemon Lime is its ability to retain an irresistible taste despite the absence of added sugars. A testament to this comes from a satisfied customer who stated, "Can’t get enough! Especially for a drink containing 0 sugar." This characteristic shows PRIME's unwavering commitment to offering healthier options in the sports drink domain without sacrificing taste.

When it comes to nutritional benefits, PRIME Energy Lemon Lime outshines many. Each serving contains a humble 25 calories, making it an ideal choice for those who are calorie-conscious. Despite the low caloric content, the drink is rich in beneficial micronutrients, boasting 700mg of Potassium, and 100% of the recommended daily intake (RDI) for Vitamins A and E, and 200% of the RDI for Vitamins B6 and B12. This nutritional powerhouse boosts the health advantages of the drink, making it an excellent choice for those needing to rejuvenate after intense activities.

Furthermore, PRIME Energy Lemon Lime is gluten-free, caffeine-free, added sugar-free, and devoid of any animal-derived products. The main ingredient, coconut water, is a natural source of electrolytes that aids in replenishing fluids lost during physical activities. The clean and all-natural composition of the drink has earned accolades, making it a top pick for those with specific dietary preferences.

PRIME Energy Lemon Lime Drink Can stands tall as an ideal choice for anyone seeking a revitalizing, delicious, and healthy hydration solution. Its zesty blend of lemon and lime, coupled with an impressive nutritional composition, sets it apart in the crowded sports drink market. The flood of positive reviews from satisfied consumers serves as a testament to its high quality and irresistible taste, making it a must-experience beverage for anyone needing a burst of hydration and flavour.

Advisory: Do not exceed more than 2 servings daily and do not consume caffeine from any other sources if taking 2 cans per day. Do not exceed 400mg caffeine from all sources. High caffeine content. Not recommended for children, pregnant or breast feeding women, or people sensitive to caffeine (42mg/100ml). For over 16 years only. Enjoy as part of a varied balanced diet and a healthy and active lifestyle.

Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Coconut Water, Concentrate, Acid (Citric Acid), Flavouring, Calcium, Potassium, Sodium Citrate, Caffeine Sweetners (Sucralose, Acesulfame K), Theanine (Camelia Sinensis), Preservates (Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate), Inpsitol, Taurine, Clucuronolactone, Stabilisers (Gum Arabic (Acacia Gum), Glycerol Esters of Wood Rosins), Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12.

Storage: Store "Prime Energy Lemon Lime Drink Can" in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight. If possible, refrigerate them. The 355ml cans are large, so plan your storage space carefully.

Caffeine: This PRIME Energy drink contains 200mg of caffeine.

  • Gluten-free ✔
  • Vegan ✔
  • Recyclable package ✔
  • Zero added-sugar ✔
  • Maximum hydration ✔