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Printed Mylar Zip Bag 3.5g Standard

SKU Mylar Zip Baggies Standard-1
CATEGORIES: Wholesale Smoking Products, Wholesale Tobacco & Rolling Storage & Containers, Wholesale Zipper & Mylar Bags

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Mylar bags (also known as Barrier Bags or Mylar Pouches) are our most economical solution for packaging and storage. Small, light, easy to store, and cheap to ship, these mylar bags feature a single-seal opening, are heat sealable for tamper-proofing and include a tear notch for easy opening once sealed.

These mylar bags are robust with a thickness of 4.5mils and feature moisture and oxygen resistant properties. The single-seal zip-locking mechanism allows the bags to be re-closed after opening, ideal for keeping dry herb or tobacco.

- Comes With Barcode & Sticker

- Label Provided

- 3.5g Mylar Bags

- Various Designs 

- Standard Size