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Canax 900mg Broad Spectrum Hey Hormones CBD & Vitamin Capsules - 30 Caps

by canax
SKU AM0156 - X0428
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Hey Hormones: get your daily dose of CBD and antioxidants, plus adaptogens for optimal hormone balance. Canax's capsules are conveniently designed for one-a-day dosing and you can even open it up and stir it into a glass of water for added ease. With powerful ingredients like these, it's no wonder Hey Hormones has become a customer favourite!

  • Broad Spectrum CBD
  • 50g Weight
  • 900mg
  • 30mg Per Capsule
  • 30 Capsules
  • Lab-tested

Dosage: One Capsule Per Day

Ingredients: CBD Isolate: 30mg, Fenugreek Extract 60%: 25mg, Holy Basily Extract 4:1: 25mg, Maca Extract 10:1: 10mg, Guarana Extract 22%: 45.5mg, Ashwagandha Extract 10:1: 25mg, Panax Ginseng Extract 4:1: 25mg, Cordyceps Mushrooms: 161.25mg, Iron Fumarate: 14mg, Vitamin B1: 1.1mg, Vitamin B6: 1.4mg, Vitamin B12 1%: 0.25mg, Vitamin B5: 6mg, Vitamin D3: 0.5mg