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Bulk CBD 60% Crystal Resistant Flowform CRD Distillate Wholesale UK

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 What is Crystal Resistant Distillate?

A highly refined, proprietary CBD distillate, Crystal Resistant Distillate (CRD) is an ultra broad-spectrum distillate rich in minor cannabinoids (that includes CBD, CBC & CBG) that resists crystallization. Being THC free, it contributes what other types of CBD extracts to have known as the "entourage effect"; boosting the effectiveness of cannabinoids when they are used together for a potent synergistic phenomenon.

As an uncommon type of CBD extract in that it resists crystallization, Crystal Resistant Distillate will remain in liquid form in it's natural state for up to three months if not longer. This process also increases the proportion of minor cannabinoids, many of which are non-crystalline to CBD.


  • 60% CBD Content
  • 67% Total Cannabinoid Content (CBD, CBC, CBG, CBN, CBDv, CBT)


What can our wholesale Crystal Resistant Distillate be used for?

There are many ways distillate can be used. The following are just a few different ways that it can be used:

  • Topicals and beauty products
  • Vaping liquids
  • Edibles
  • CBD oils


The benefits of choosing our wholesale Crystal Resistant Distillate:

  • Every stage of production can be traced with our CBD supplies. We never hide our sources, so you and your customer can trace the product straight to the farm. Over 95% of the distillate sold in the UK is not supported by full and regulated COAs. We ensure that every batch we distribute is fully certified and tested with supported documentation. 
  • Our COAs are as detailed and comprehensive as they come. They include full panel tests for cannabinoids, pesticides, solvents, heavy metals, toxins and microorganisms. Most of the UK’s top bulk suppliers offer only the CBD profile, which is a bad sign, as full panel tests are obligatory in the US. This may indicate the use of poor-quality CBD materials, which do not comply with EU/US safety terms and may be hazardous to ingest. 
  • Produced using only certified organic plant material at a GMP certified extraction facility. 
  • When it comes to sourcing and production, we take a 100% transparent approach. You can even book a virtual tour through our extraction facility!


Third-party US lab tested for:

  • Cannabinoid profile
  • Pesticides
  • Residual solvents
  • Microbials
  • Mycotoxins
  • Heavy metals

Tests are conducted for each production batch as per US regulations.

Broad Spectrum Crystal Resistant Flowform Distillate does NOT contain any THC, and this is the primary benefit along with the entourage effect it provides.


    Ingredients: Broad-Spectrum Crystal Resistant Flowform Distillate, THC<0.2%


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