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UK Government Ban on Disposable Vaping Products – What Does This Mean for Manufacturers & Consumers

UK Government Ban on Disposable Vaping Products – What Does This Mean for Manufacturers & Consumers

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced the UK Government’s decision to ban disposable vapes, as well as further measures to potentially restrict packaging. As yet the Ban has yet to have a set date, with sources indicating that it is expected to come into play in 2025.

Whilst we have yet to hear exactly what the ban will entail, and await the legislation being drawn up and approved, in the meantime, disposable vaping products are still available for sale. 

Rest assured, JM Distro will keep you updated with the new regulations as they are released.

Why have disposable vapes been banned in the UK?

One of the chief concerns and a key reason behind the ban is the apparent rise of vaping among young people. The introduction of single-use disposable products into convenience stores across the UK has been labelled as a factor in this and, as a result, this is why the Government has outlined its plan to ban these products.

Concerns around sustainability

Single-use disposable items have long been under scrutiny regarding their environmental impact. This has mostly been due to the products' lithium-ion batteries and plastic construction.

The issue of sustainability is a chief concern for many in the vaping industry, and it is something that companies have tried hard to address in the last couple of years. Some vape companies manufacturing disposables have started to tackle this issue by both encouraging people to dispose of single use vapes in specialised recycling bins and creating disposable vaping devices manufactured with a biodegradable construction.

What does the ban on disposable vaping devices entail and when will it come into effect?

The upcoming legal changes in 2024-2025 will have a significant impact on vaping habits and accessibility. The government has repeated its objective is to reduce youth vaping while concurrently providing support for individuals attempting to quit smoking. Whilst we’re still unclear what the actual legislation will be, the government has outlined the following key areas.

  •  There will be a complete ban on disposable vapes. Although this decision is contentious, it aims to restrict access to attractive, flavoured options that appeal to underage users. Adult vapers will have fewer choices, with a focus on refillable devices and tanks.

  • Flavour options will be limited to tobacco, mint, and menthol. The assortment of sweet and fruity flavours, often associated with attracting teens, will be prohibited.

  • To decrease visibility and attractiveness, vapes will adopt plain packaging and in-store displays will be restricted, particularly to deter the youth. Products will be relocated behind counters.

  • Fines for selling to underage users will escalate to £2,500, aiming to clamp down on shops that inadequately verify age. Enhanced enforcement measures intend to disrupt the supply chain to teens and mitigate the increase in youth vaping.

  • The new law is not expected to come into effect until 2025, as the legislation needs to be written and approved.

The proposed legislation looks at limiting youth access to vapes while still endorsing their use as a smoking cessation tool. currently as many as 4.5 million people in the UK have successfully switched to vaping as a way to kick tobacco smoke. 

Some have been critical of the proposed changes, indicating that by limiting access to choice, those looking to quit smoking might be hindered. Vapers should look to anticipate changes in the places and methods of purchasing products.

Presently, vaping is permitted and may aid in remaining smoke-free. Brands and manufacturers can help by emphasising responsible vaping and advocating for stricter enforcement against underage sales.

What does this mean for disposable vaping products currently?

Disposable vaping products are available for sale. With the new laws not looking likely to be introduced until 2025, it’s doubtful that much will change for distributors and consumers presently.

Until such time the Government issues further information JM Distro will be undertaking business as usual in the supply and distribution of wholesale disposable vapes.

Our manufacturing and product development teams, as always will endeavour to come up with new and innovative ways to help smokers switch to a healthier alternative.

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