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Products For Better Sleep

Products For Better Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important functions of the human body and yet is often overlooked. Many people have got into the habit of thinking sleep isn’t important, with up to 70 million Americans experiencing sleep disorders. Culture plays a big role in why we don’t get enough sleep - we are worked hard, made to juggle multiple commitments and care tasks, and realistically don’t have time to prioritize sleep. Other people have specific reasons they can’t sleep, such as ADHD, anxiety problems or chronic pain. 

If you aren’t sleeping as much as you’d like to, there are products you can use (or recommend to people with sleep disorders) to help with this. 

Why do we sleep?

Sleep is a natural process and something that is vital to our survival. Just like drinking water or breathing air, sleeping isn’t something we have to think about - we just do it instinctively, because we have to. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, it can be akin to not getting enough water or air - you begin to lose basic functioning and your body and mind suffer big time. 

Sleep serves a number of big purposes, physiologically. 

Firstly, we sleep to conserve energy. During sleep, our hormones, cells and muscles repair and replenish, making sure each has ample energy for the following day. 

Our brains also require sleep for neurogenesis, so that our neurons and neurotransmitters can work at maximum efficiency and our brain can replenish and regenerate cells that are lost during the day. 

Another thing that happens to the brain is it gets rid of toxic waste - thoughts and experiences that are no longer needed. This leaves us with only the information we truly need. The more high quality sleep you get, the better your learning, memory, problem solving skills and focus are. 

Research supports the idea that mental health is also improved by sleep. Sleep disturbance and mental illness are strongly correlated, so sleep allows us to regulate emotions and help to control our thoughts and feelings. 

For those of you who might notice excess hunger when you are sleep deprived, there’s a reason for that. Sleep helps to control your hunger hormones, whereas when you are sleep deprived these are out of sync. 

There are many other reasons why we sleep, this is just a glimpse. But it’s safe to say that sleep serves many important functions for good overall health, and it’s not something that should be dismissed as unimportant or neglected. 

What happens when we don’t sleep?

Lack of sleep is associated with risks in the following areas:

  • High blood pressure
  • Inflammation
  • Obesity
  • Increased sympathetic nervous system activity
  • Elevated cortisol levels
  • Insulin resistance (leading to diabetes) 
  • Cognitive decline

Conversely, getting ample sleep can reduce unwanted weight, improve mood, improve cognition and help to deter some more frightening diseases and disorders.

Sometimes, people turn to medication to help them sleep. But sleep medication can have side effects including addiction and a foggy head the next day. Plus, it isn’t pleasant having to rely on medicine, and it doesn’t always work. 

Best products for sleep

There are several products which can work really well for sleep disorders and similar problems. 

Capsule Supplements for Sleep

Capsules can be taken in the evening to help induce a calming, stress free sleep. Reishi Mushroom is particularly popular because it works on combating the cause of some sleep disorders - stress and anxiety. By reducing the effects of stress, going to sleep naturally becomes easier. 

Another capsule option is CBD capsules. CBD has been shown to help induce a natural sleep. One study has shown that using CBD for 3 weeks significantly lowers anxiety level and improves sleep quality. 

And finally, you can try a blended capsule specifically designed for sleep induction. For example, Body and Mind Botanicals offer CBD capsules infused with lemon balm, giving you extra calm before bed. Other ingredients found in capsules could be lavender, camomile or valerian. 

Bath and Body For Sleep

A warm bath before bed can aid sleep, because as the body cools down after the bath, sleepiness is induced. If you draw your bath using products designed for better sleep, you can maybe nod off even quicker. 

Try a bath bomb infused with sleep inducing ingredients and CBD, such as those offered by Mission C. You could also try body lotions, muscle rubs and face creams that enhance drowsiness and calm, and reduce stress and anxiety. Check out our full CBD skincare range for more ideas. 

Pillow Sprays

Pillow sprays can be very effective in inducing a good night’s sleep, especially if they contain lavender which is shown in research to help aid sleep.

To use a pillow spray, simply put a few spritz onto your pillow at night, so that you can noticeably smell the difference when you lay down. This is a nice gentle way to drift off, and even better if you can find a pillow spray with CBD

Hot Tea

Caffeine before bed is a bad idea because caffeine keeps you awake. But if you enjoy a calming infused CBD tea before bed, you enjoy the warmth and flavor while sending your body and mind into a restful space. It’s a particularly good idea to find a CBD tea that is infused with chamomile or valerian, because these are plants that have been proven in research to help with insomnia and sleep disturbances. The range offered by JCS infusions has tea for better sleep. You can also find tea to replace your regular caffeine tea in the mornings, which may help you to feel less hyped up and better able to relax at night. 

If you are stocking products for your customers, make sure you offer something for people with irregular sleep patterns to ensure their overall health and wellness gets a much needed boost. 

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