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Product Of The Month: Why So CBD 1000mg CBD Gummies

Product Of The Month: Why So CBD 1000mg CBD Gummies

CBD gummies have been a big hit amongst CBD aficionados worldwide, in fact, the global CBD gummies market was valued at $1.4 Billion in 2021. One prominent brand of CBD gummies is Why So CBD. Why So CBD provide high quality, delicious gummies in a range of flavours at affordable prices. 

This month, our expert reviewed 5 of the Why So CBD 1000mg gummies range. The flavours reviewed were cherry, mixed fruit, cola, strawberry and watermelon. Here’s what they thought. 

Style and Look

Each pot of Why So CBD 1000mg CBD gummies is sturdy, round and colourfully decorated. The gummies themselves are small and shaped as per their flavour (for example, cola flavour has gummies shaped like cola bottles). The sweets look very tempting, coated in delicious sugar and come in a range of colours. 

Rating: 10/10


Bold, punchy and playful - the packaging is not only attractive but very fun too. The label is clear, detailing the flavour, CBD quantity and brand name. The rounded tub is easy to open and close with a hygiene seal underneath the main lid. An expiry date is clearly shown on the top of the lid. The back of the label has nutritional information including energy, fat, fibre, protein and, importantly, CBD. The ingredients list is displayed next to the nutritional information. There is also a warning disclaimer, stating how the product should be stored along with other relevant safety information. The dosage is displayed at the bottom, making it clear how much CBD is in each gummy and how much is recommended per day (in this case, 3.5 gummies). A Non GMO label is also printed on the side of the carton as well as a symbol to show this is USA grown hemp, and a vegan friendly and non dairy symbol. It is plain to see that this company, Why So CBD, takes health and safety very seriously, and wants to communicate its nutritional and dietary information to its customers. 

The only downside to the packaging specifically relates to ‘Mixed Fruit’. It did not clearly state which flavours were in the packet. Some of this became guess work as a result. 

Rating: 9/10


5 flavours were reviewed by our expert. 

Strawberry: Starting with our reviewer’s favourite, the strawberry gummies by Why So CBD are utterly delicious. Juicy, sweet, authentic and moorish. You cannot taste any CBD in this product and the outer sugar coating makes it even more delectable. 

Watermelon: This is also an authentic and juicy flavour. It’s milder than the other flavours, but you can definitely taste the unique flavour of watermelon. 

Cherry: This flavour is sour, fruity and also has a hint of hemp within it. It’s perfect for people who prefer that more potent cherry taste over a sweeter alternative. This sweet does leave quite a bitter aftertaste. 

Mixed Fruit: This pot contains a variety of flavours. Unfortunately the pot doesn’t explain which flavours they are so some guess work was required. The lemon flavour was just like sucking on a throat sweet, which many people will find pleasant, whereas others will find it too medicinal and overbearing. Orange flavour was extremely juicy and bold, mimicking the authentic taste of freshly picked mandarins. This batch also contained cherry and watermelon. 

Cola: Reminiscent of childhood, this cola bottle could easily disguise itself in a pick n mix sweet shop and you’d never know the difference. You cannot taste any CBD in this cola bottle and it’s great for those who love this unique and popular flavour. 

Rating 8/10

(Other flavours do exist, including bubblegum, fizzy bones, gummy sticks and sour dummies).


All of the gummies were extremely chewy. It took quite some time for the entire sweet to be properly swallowed, and there is no shortage of bits left in one’s teeth afterwards! Saying that, they were easy to bite into, and not too tough, which was appreciated. The gummies also have a very nice sugary coating which adds a new dimension to the overall texture. The cherry flavour definitely has a much harder consistency than some other flavours, with watermelon being one of the softest

Rating 6/10

CBD Quality

There is 1000mg of USA grown hemp CBD in each tub of gummies which equates to about 20 mg per gummy. This is a nice dosage amount. Those who only want a small amount of CBD each day can stick to 1 gummy, whereas others can stack up their dosing. Our reviewer chose to have 3 gummies per day and found this to be a suitable amount, but everybody is different. The CBD has been third party lab tested. This means that Why So CBD wanted to ensure the purity of the CBD before allowing it to go to market. It is not made clear whether this product is full spectrum CBD or CBD isolate, which is slightly annoying for those who have a clear preference. 



  • A nice variety of flavours
  • Easy to bite into / not too firm
  • Cannot taste much CBD
  • Third party lab tested
  • Excellently designed packaging
  • Clear label with nutritional info
  • Colourful
  • Easy seal tub
  • Great safety information 
  • Dosing clearly explained 


  • Very chewy 
  • Mixed fruit flavours not specified
  • Some sour aftertaste on certain flavours
  • CBD type not made clear
Why So CBD offers a fantastic range of gummy flavours that are sure to win the hearts of many CBD customers. Stock up your shop with this Why So CBD gummy range and your customers will soon be ordering a second, third or fourth batch. Got questions? Give us a call or send us an email and we will gladly provide more information on Why So CBD and their gummy ranges. Why So CBD also offers this product in higher CBD doses, including 6000mg CBD with up to 70mg CBD per gummy!
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