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Product Of The Month Cali Bar 300mg CBD Vape

Product Of The Month Cali Bar 300mg CBD Vape

The Cali CBD Company are a UK based CBD supplier, offering customers full spectrum CBD products including disposable vapes, CBD cones, e-liquids and crumbles. Committed to excellence, Cali CBD offer third party lab testing, only natural ingredients (no synthetics) and terpene infusions. 

This month, our expert reviewed several flavours in the Cali Bar Original 300mg CBD Disposable Vape range. 

About Cali Bar 300mg Disposable Vapes

These terpene infused CBD disposable vapes contain 300mg of full spectrum CBD in a 1ml tank. There are 10 flavours available, each very different from the last. These are disposable vapes, so they come preloaded with their e-liquid and can be disposed of as soon as they are finished.

What We Thought

Style And Look

Each Cali Bar is stylish, unique and easy on the eye. With a slender bottle shape, each vape is thicker at the bottom (so easy to hold) and thinner around the mouthpiece. Each vape's outer body is coloured and styled to its flavour. For example, the Purple Punch flavour comes in a light purple tank with Purple Punch written on the side in black. Whereas the Strawberry Diesel comes in a pinkish red tank, again with black writing on the side. Each vape also has a CE marking on the bottle, meaning it meets EU health and safety and environmental regulations. The vapes are lightweight and can easily fit into a pocket or wallet, and each has a small transparent cap which can fit over the end of the vape for safer transportation. The bottom of each vape has a port for charging, although as with all disposables, charging is unnecessary as it will run out when you use up your puff count. 

Style Rating 10/10


Cali Bars come in a sturdy tube. The tube is robust and solid, so the vape is protected. The top cap comes off easily and the vape slides right out into your hand. Each tube is beautifully decorated with exotic, tropical images. A palm tree features across all the vapes, but the colouring changes depending on the flavour you choose. For example, the Runtz flavour comes in a beautiful green, yellow and orange tube, whereas the Vanilla Kush comes in gold, yellow and orange. 

The packaging is also very detailed with information about the product, which is always a sign of a reputable and responsible seller. Each package has on it two health and safety warnings - to keep out of reach of children and to use as part of a healthy diet. There's also an ingredients list and an address of the business. 

It's safe to say that the packaging gives off an air of professionalism, safety and commitment to quality. The only downside is that it does not tell you the puff count.

Packaging Rating 9/10


10 flavours are available, all of which are infused with terpenes. Terpenes have their own aroma and aftertaste and it's important that you understand this before purchasing a flavour. Some flavours work in union with terpenes whereas others can be quite contrasting. 

Our expert tried the following flavours:

  • Strawberry Diesel
  • Runtz
  • Watermelon OG
  • Orange Jelly Sunset
  • Wedding Cake
  • Ice Cream Cookies
  • Banana Kush
  • Purple Punch

Here's the verdict!

Strawberry Diesel

A punchy, strong and aromatic vape flavour, strawberry diesel combines sweetness with a sour aftertaste. It's great for people who want some sweetness with their CBD but also enjoy a strong throat hit and bitter undertones. 


Runtz is refreshing, zesty and utterly tasty. It has aromas of hops, fruit, and cookies. It blends well with the terpenes, giving it a herby undertone and aftertaste. Perfect for those who want something subtle but delicious. 

Watermelon OG

This vape flavour is realistic and authentic, mimicking the true light and sweet flavour of watermelon. It also has a strong throat hit, which is an interesting contrast with the smooth and easy tasting watermelon. 

Orange Jelly Sunset

Juicy, refreshing and zesty, this strong tasting orange flavour is exotic and fruity. Imagine sitting on a deck chair in the sun with a Sex On The Beach cocktail and this is similar to the Orange Jelly vaping experience. 

Wedding Cake

Imagine having a large mouthful of raspberries, cream and sponge, and that will bring you one step closer to this delightful wedding cake flavour. It blends surprisingly well with the CBD terpenes too, delivering a sweet but earthy experience.

Ice Cream Cookies

If you're a sucker for a dessert, this flavour is for you. This berry flavoured vape is lightweight, sugary and easy to vape without a strong throat hit. 

Banana Kush

The banana in this vape kit is not overpowering. In fact, it takes some concentration to taste it. The terpenes are certainly more powerful, which is no bad thing if you enjoy terpenes and are happy with a hint of flavour in the background. But if you prefer a sweet strong taste, this isn't the right vape flavour for you. 

Purple Punch

This was by far the favourite flavour in this range. Icy, cooling, minty and fruity all in one hit, this delicious vape flavour completely covers the flavour of CBD and terpenes and is a joy to vape with. There's no strong throat hit, but there is a cooling sensation as you inhale. It's juicy, refreshing and totally moorish. 

Reviewer's Favourite: Purple Punch

Flavour Rating 9/10

Throat Hit

All of the Cali 300mg CBD disposables offered a throat hit, but some flavours more than others. For example, the Ice Cream Cookies flavour had a very subtle throat hit, whereas the strawberry Diesel really packed a throat punch. So, unfortunately it is not possible to describe the throat hit across all flavours, and this is going to be a matter of trial and error. 

CBD Quality

We love that Cali Bar make their CBD products in the UK and follow EU regulations to ensure you get what is promised. The CBD in this range is high quality full spectrum with 0.2% THC. You can taste the natural terpenes and get the full medicinal benefits of CBD from this range. 



  • Good flavour range
  • Nice packaging
  • Lightweight
  • Easy To Use
  • Meets regulations 
  • Good quality CBD


  • No puff count displayed
  • No consistent throat hit
  • Some flavours too subtle

Overall, the Cali Bar range meets expectations and is the perfect companion for a CBD vaper. 


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