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Never run out of these CBD products

Never run out of these CBD products

It’s a great time to be selling CBD. There’s far less stigma and mystery surrounding CBD than there was 10 years ago, the research into its medicinal properties is showing promising results, and CBD brands are now offering an enormous range of CBD products to choose from. 

If you have started stocking CBD in your shop or e-commerce site, there are some CBD products that will always be in demand. Running out of these products could be detrimental to your business reputation and your bottom line. Let’s explore this more. 

The CBD Market

The global CBD market size has been valued at 5.18 billion USD in 2021 and is predicted to grow at the rate of 16.8% from 2022 to 2030. According to research, the most popular products to be purchased are:

  • Gummies and edibles (58%)
  • Capsules (55%)
  • CBD oil (55%)
  • Lotions (53%)
  • Topicals and other serums (42%)
  • Vapes (32%)
  • Flowers (16%)

The above statistics are from 2022 and cover just the USA market, but give you a good broad insight into the scope of the market. 

The same research cited the following reasons people use CBD, by order of popularity. 

  • Reduce stress / relaxation (62%)
  • Relieve pain (60%)
  • Improve sleep quality (58%)
  • Reduce anxiety (51%)
  • Doctor recommended (48%)
  • For fun / recreation (35%)
  • Curiosity (26%)
  • No reason (2%)

This should help inform you about the type of products you might want to stock, as some CBD products are more suited to some conditions / reasons for use than others. For example, topical creams and lotions will be more suited to those who want to deal with skin conditions. Vapes might be more suited to those who want to reduce stress. And gummies or oils might be better suited to those who want to improve sleep or reduce anxiety. 

Which CBD Products are ‘Evergreen’?

Some CBD products fly off the shelves, whereas others might take longer to shift. With gummies being the most popular CBD product on the market, and gummies also having the power to heal multiple illnesses and improve sleep quality and stress levels, it’s a good idea to have ample supply. People who use gummies always run out, and when they do, they will want to come back for more - but only if you have stock in. If you do not have stock, they may not wait for you to resolve this and visit a competitor instead. 

CBD gummies can be found on the JM Distro website. You can buy them in bulk and choose from a huge number of flavors and types. For example, one of our most popular CBD gummies products is the Why So CBD gummies. You can find an in depth expert review of these gummies by clicking here. They are made with authentic broad spectrum CBD and come in a range of delicious flavors including strawberry, cola and watermelon. You can also stock them in varying strengths. 

CBD oils are also incredibly popular. They are easy to use, and all customers have to do is drop a small amount under their tongue each day - no hassle, no fuss. JM Distro stocks a large range of CBD oil, both CBD isolate and CBD broad spectrum. It’s important to remember that CBD oil is not the same as CBD e-liquid. You cannot vape CBD oil. Some CBD oils come in blends for certain health conditions. For example, Hemibiotic have a number of products for specific ailments such as digestion problems, energy and sleep. These can be popular with customers who have been recommended CBD to treat things like insomnia and stress. 

CBD capsules, the second most popular form of CBD intake, are also available in bulk at JM Distro. Much like the oils, CBD capsules can be sold as CBD isolate or broad spectrum, and can also be sold as blends. By displaying a broad range of capsules, you can meet everyone’s needs and gain repeat customers. 

CBD topicals and skincare are likely to sell fast in your shop, as more people turn to this ingredient to solve common skin problems. Keep the staples in mind, such as lip balm, hand cream, moisturizer, face wash and shampoo. If you want evergreen products, avoid anything too niche and stick with the items people buy on repeat and always need. 

CBD vapes are increasingly popular and while not as popular as some other methods, this is steadily changing. CBD disposables are increasing in popularity and definitely worth stocking as evergreen products. Make sure you have a nice range of flavors and strengths to suit every customer. You can also stock some CBD e-liquids for those who prefer to refill their own tanks. Also, it is good practice to choose brands that supply a third party lab test report. This means that the brand has gone to the trouble to test their CBD for purity, and make sure there are no contaminants. Not all brands do this and customers prefer it when third party lab testing is available. This applies to all CBD products, not just e-liquids and disposable vapes. 

Which CBD Products Don’t Sell?

It’s hard to specify which CBD products won’t sell, because the market is always changing and it depends completely on where you shop and who your customers are. But the best thing you can do is keep your shop stocked with evergreen products and then, one by one, introduce something new. You will soon know whether or not to replenish that new product, or leave it completely. For example, if you added a CBD beard oil to your CBD skincare range, you might find you gain repeat customers quickly and therefore need to add it to your permanent inventory, or you might be left with stock and little interest, in which case you can try a different product in the future. 

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