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4 Reasons Your Disposable Vapes Aren’t Selling

4 Reasons Your Disposable Vapes Aren’t Selling

There are many perks to being an independent dropshipper of vape and smoking accessories. You can pick your hours, make an easy profit, and don’t have to worry about packaging and stock. But there is a downside to any small business - what if something isn’t selling?

Sometimes, there’s an easy answer to why a product isn’t shifting. The usual suspects are a wrong price point, poor marketing, or a difficult to navigate website. But there could be some other reasons your disposable vapes aren’t selling. Here are 4 areas to look at. 

Not enough variety

The joy of disposable vaping is that you can offer a huge amount of variety. Gone are the days when disposable vapes came in one shape, size and strength - there are now thousands to choose from, all with their own merits. So, our question to you is - do you have enough variety? Think for a moment about what your customers might be looking for:


Some people enjoy the classics, such as tobacco or cream tobacco. These flavours are great for vapers who have recently switched to vaping from cigarettes and want to mimic the taste. 

Others enjoy classic fruity flavours like grape or mango. In fact, a flavour survey showed that 83% of vapers regularly vape with fruity flavours, and 70.5% enjoy dessert flavours. So make sure you have these in your inventory! 


The next thing to consider is the nicotine level. If a customer is after a mid range nicotine level and you are only selling 20mg or 0mg, they don’t have any choice but to find another supplier. Make sure you have 20mg, 10mg and 0mg in your inventory to suit all customers. 


Are you including CBD disposables too? These are incredibly popular at the moment, and many customers are ditching the nicotine in favour of this much healthier option. So, ensure there's at least two or three CBD options in your range, with differing levels of CBD (e.g. 100mg, 500mg, 1000mg). 

Puff Count

You should also have a good range of puff counts across your disposable vape range. Some people are quite content with 300 puffs, others need 3000. Again, if you don’t have what they are looking for, it’s quicker and easier for them to go to your competitor. 


Finally, different people like different styles of vape pens. Some enjoy bright, bold colours, such as that found in the Allo Plus range. Others like their vape pens to be subtle and discreet. Also, some customers like their disposable vapes to mimic the look of a cigarette, such as with the Elf Bar Cigalike. Ensure you have a good range of styles, shapes and colours in your disposable vape collection. 

Not enough information 

When you upload inventory to your JM Distro dropshipping account, you will also be given the basic information needed about each product. But adding more information is wise. Customers love to be educated on vaping, and by demonstrating your knowledge, you build trust between you and them. You can add a blog to your website to show off your knowledge and passion for disposable vaping. You could add extra information to product descriptions. You could start a social media feed offering advice and tips to vapers. Or, you could ensure your customer service skills are top notch and give individual advice on vape kits to suit customers, as and when they make an enquiry. 

Make sure you gain a good education yourself on disposable vaping. Know the key advantages and selling points of the products you sell. For example, you should know that:

  • Disposables are more convenient and easier to use than refillables
  • They are ideal for people who are transitioning away from smoking
  • They can be thrown out after use, and there’s no setup required at the start
  • They don’t need recharging and there’s no need to change a coil either
  • Disposables come in a range of flavours and puff counts to suit all preferences
  • Disposables tend to be cheaper than refillables, and there is no upfront large investment. 

You’ve Taken Your Eye Off Competitors

There’s no shortage of people selling disposable vape pens. And there’s also no shortage of customers! If yours aren’t selling, it means your competitors are doing something that you aren’t. So, it’s time to find out what! When you type ‘buy disposable vape pens’ into a search engine, take a look at some of the suppliers on the first few pages. Write down some ideas from their website. For example, which brands are they stocking up on? How are they communicating with customers? What are their prices like? If you are much more expensive but offering the same product, you might want to revisit your pricing. If your competitors have a great social media presence with demo videos and educational content, you could consider doing the same. There’s no harm in borrowing ideas from competitors to try and better your business. 

Your Website Is Slow

This might come as a surprise, but 1 in 2 customers will abandon a website if it takes more than 6 seconds to load. Your website should therefore be quick, easy to navigate and free from glitches. If you would like our help in setting up a website, you can speak to a member of our team. A great way to test out your website is to do some market research. Ask friends and family to go to your website as though they are customers and add products to the checkout - ensure that the whole process is smooth and easy and make changes if necessary. 

Need more help? Unsure about how to get your business going or why your products aren’t selling as well as you had hoped? Don’t worry. We have a dedicated team of experts to help you enhance your dropshipping business and get your disposable vapes selling faster. Not only that, but we can share tips and tricks to ensure you get repeat customers. Get in touch with us via our dropshipping page

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