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SPLYFT BAR 300mg Full Spectrum Flowform CBD Disposable Vape

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Made with premium, potent crystal-resistant CBD for thick, rich  vapour and immediate effects.

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SPLYFT BAR is here to revolutionise your CBD experience as the King of CBD Disposables. Engineered with the finest materials and meticulous design, SPLYFT BAR stands as the ultimate solution for vapers seeking a premium, convenient, and potent vaping experience.

Each SPLYFT BAR disposable vape is crafted in the USA and is loaded with 300mg of full-spectrum CBD per bar, offering you a highly concentrated CBD dosage with each puff. With a 1ml capacity, these compact yet powerful devices ensure you a substantial vaping experience.

Coming in an array of 12 top-notch terpene flavours, SPLYFT BAR allows you to choose your personal SPLYFT experience. Each flavour is infused with real cannabis strain terpenes, delivering an ultimate vaping experience that seamlessly blends potency, purity, and pleasure.

These devices are made from 100% cannabis plants and ethically sourced materials, ensuring not only quality but also sustainability. With zero THC and no synthetic ingredients, you can vape confidently, knowing you're getting a pure, clean product.

Full Spectrum CBD Extract, fused with Real Cannabis Strain Terpenes, forms the basis of SPLYFT BAR's superior ingredient list. The THC content is strictly maintained below 0.2%, making the product legally compliant and ensuring you're not exposed to any psychoactive effects.

Being the official UK and Europe Wholesale Distributor for SPLYFT, we guarantee the best prices and seamless delivery. Choose your SPLYFT today and elevate your vaping experience to new heights with the unrivalled quality and convenience of SPLYFT BAR.


We are the Official UK and Europe Wholesale Distributor for SPLYFT

- Made in the USA

- 300mg FULL SPECTRUM CBD per bar

- Comes in 12 top terpene flavours 

- Capacity: 1ml

- Made from 100% cannabis plants and ethically sourced materials

- Infused with Cannabis Strain Terpenes for the ultimate vaping experience

- Zero THC

- No synthetic ingredients

Ingredients: Full Spectrum CBD Extract, Real Cannabis Strain Terpenes

THC content<0.2%