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Elf Bar P1 Replacement 2ml Pods for ELF Mate 500

by ELF Bar
SKU Elf Bar P1 Pod-5
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Experience the finest in vaping with the Elf Bar P1 Replacement 2ml Pods, a perfect match for the well-known Elf Bar Mate 500. As a renowned vaping brand since 2018, Elf Bar is dedicated to providing a natural and safe vaping experience with top-quality products.

Designed to be compatible with both the Elf Bar 500 and the Lite 350, the Elf Bar P1 pods stand out with their innovative condensate recovery and storage system. This system offers a staggering 99.99% leakage-free experience, significantly reducing the likelihood of any internal e-juice spillage and ensuring a seamless, worry-free vape every time.

Each pack contains two pre-filled pods, each boasting a generous 2ml e-juice capacity. Furthermore, these pods feature a coil resistance of 1.2Ω, ensuring optimal flavour and vapour production for a truly satisfying vape. With a 20mg nicotine strength, these pods offer a robust and satisfying hit with each draw.

Constructed from PCTG material, the Elf Bar P1 pods are robust and reliable. Their dual coil design and draw activation make for a user-friendly, effortless vaping experience. Another unique feature is their 3 Seconds Fresh-Keeping System, ensuring your e-juice stays fresh and flavourful from the first puff to the last.

In summary, whether you're a veteran vaper or a newbie, the Elf Bar P1 Replacement 2ml Pods promise a high-quality, extensive vaping experience that is not only seamless and satisfying but also incredibly convenient.


 Pack of 2

- 2ml E-juice Capacity

- 20mg (20%) Nicotine Salt

- Material: PCTG

- Coil Resistance: 1.2Ω

- Dual Coil Design

- Draw Activated

- Leakproof

- Condensate Recovery & Storage System

- 3 Secs Fresh-Keeping System