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Dr Watson 5000mg CBD E-Liquid OG KUSH - 10ml

SKU CB0003 - X0110
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Introducing Dr Watson's OG Kush E-liquid, a powerful 10ml vape full of 50% CBD concentration and boosted with terpenes for an authentic OG Kush experience. Relax and reduce anxiety with this 10x strength Big Hit formula, delivering 5000mg of soothing cannabinoids in every bottle. Get the most out of your vaping experience with the OG Kush Super Strength E-liquid.

  • Highest concentration cannabinoid vape liquid in the UK
  • For use in your open tank vape
  • Tastes like hemp | perfect for an authentic experience
  • Naturally Soothing & Relaxing 
  • 5000mg 
  • Made using GMP-grown Swiss hemp extract 

THC Content >0.2%