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Cannadips 150mg CBD Snus Pouches - Natural Mint

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Novel Food application number: RP602

The Original and Only Smokeless Cannabis Pouch.

Cannadips 150mg CBD Snus is a trailblazer in the world of smokeless CBD, providing a refreshingly innovative alternative for cannabinoid consumption. As the original and only product of its kind, these pouches have successfully transformed the traditional Swedish snus experience by replacing tobacco with the multifaceted benefits of CBD.

The use of these pouches is as easy as it gets. You simply place a pouch between your inner lip and gums and let the CBD naturally release into your system. This mode of CBD delivery proves to be one of the most effective and fast-acting, absorbing directly into the bloodstream via the mucous membranes of the mouth.

It's no wonder Cannadips CBD Pouches have been voted the best new edible at the Hemp & CBD Expo 2020 and bagged the title of Inaugural Product of the Year at the California Cannabis Awards. As a 100% legal, tobacco-free CBD snus, these pouches present an unparalleled fusion of convenience, discretion, and potency.

The popularity of Cannadips CBD Snus pouches springs from their broad-spectrum formulation, which ensures you enjoy the benefits of various cannabinoids, all while being completely THC free. They are water-soluble and fast-acting, allowing for swift onset of effects. With an impressive bioavailability of 80%-90%, the body efficiently absorbs and utilizes the CBD, resulting in an impactful experience.

The precise pre-dosed nature of these pouches offers a reliable way to manage CBD intake, with each pouch carrying a steady dose of 10mg of CBD. As a smokeless method of consumption, they not only maintain discretion but also cater to those wanting to avoid inhalation altogether. The pouches are also a feast for your tastebuds, featuring a delightful Natural Mint flavour that provides a perfectly balanced mix of sweet and cool mint sensations.

Crafted using all-natural, tobacco-free ingredients, each tin of Cannadips CBD Snus Pouches is packed with 150mg of water-dispersible CBD. Every tin contains 15 pouches, amounting to a total of 5 tins per box. If you decide to purchase in multiples of five, you'll receive a full box.

Using Cannadips CBD Pouches is a smooth process. Remove a pouch from the can, insert it between your inner lip and gums, and allow it to naturally release with your saliva. Avoid moving the pouch around too much in your mouth. Although the dosage is typically done within 35-40 minutes, the flavour often lasts longer, allowing you to savour the minty freshness well beyond your dose.

Voted best new edible at the Hemp & CBD Expo 2020!

California Cannabis Awards - Inaugural Product of the Year!

100% Legal Tobacco Free CBD Snus.

Reasons why people love Cannadips CBD Snus pouches:
- Broad spectrum & THC Free
- Water soluble & fast-acting
- High bio-availability (80%-90%)
- Pre-dosed
- Smokeless
- Discreet
- Amazing flavour

Natural mint flavour - A balanced mix of sweet and cool mint sensations.

Crafted using all-natural (tobacco-free)

Each tin contains 150mg of water-dispersible CBD.

10mg per pouch.

15 pouches per tin.

5 x tins per box. Full box will be received when purchasing in multiples of 5.

How to use:
Step 1: Take pouch out of the can
Step 2: Insert pouch between inner lip & gums, allow the pouch to release naturally with saliva. Do not move the pouch around too much in-mouth.
Step 3: Dosage is done within 35-40 mins, but feel free to continue to enjoy the product as the flavour lasts longer.

Ingredients: Organic Palm Oil (17%), Sweetners (Erythritol), Coconut Fibre, Vegetable Glycerol, Hemp CBD Flakes 16% (Stabilizers (Acacia Gum), Hemp Concentrates, Maltodextrin), Natural Flavouring, Sweetners (Steviol Glycosides), Salt, Stabilizers (Xanthan Gum). Excessive consumption may result in laxative effects. THC level<0.2%