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Ezee Green Cut Corner Standard Rolling Papers

SKU Ezee Green Regular Rolling Paper
CATEGORIES: Other Papers, Wholesale Rolling Papers, Wholesale Shisha Accessories, Wholesale Smoking Products

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Created by the renowned brand, Rizla, these papers are a testament to the company's commitment to quality and innovation. The unique cut corner design sets Ezee Green apart from traditional rolling papers, bringing an element of ease and precision to your rolling process.

Each booklet contains 50 papers, all expertly crafted to provide the optimal balance of strength and thinness for an uncompromised smoking experience. The papers burn slowly and evenly, ensuring every draw is as smooth and satisfying as the last.

Each box comes packed with 100 booklets, which means you'll have an ample supply for your smoking needs. And for those who believe in stocking up, we offer the option of buying in bulk with our carton option, containing 20 packs.

Ezee Green Cut Corner Standard Rolling Papers are not just another accessory - they're an upgrade to your smoking ritual, offering the smoothness, quality, and convenience that every smoking connoisseur deserves. Whether you're an experienced roller or just beginning, these papers will make every roll an Ezee roll.

- Ezee Cut Corner Rolling Papers
- 100 Booklets per Box
- Made by Rizla

- 20 Packs Per Carton