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8 Reasons To Try CBD Gummies

8 Reasons To Try CBD Gummies

CBD comes in an abundance of forms, including vape e-liquid, oil, drinks, capsules, sprays, balms and - our favourite - gummies. 

Gummies are sweeties that have been infused with CBD - whether it be CBD isolate (CBD on its own) or broad spectrum (CBD combined with other cannabis compounds). Gummies are a great way of getting CBD into your diet in a delicious, convenient and discreet way. Plus, there’s no shortage of options out there. Every major CBD brand is now producing gummies. 

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Here are 8 reasons to try CBD gummies or add these to your inventory for customers to enjoy. 

1. They are discreet

CBD gummies can come in small packets that fit neatly into your pocket, wallet or handbag. If you are out in public and wish to have a CBD gummy, nobody will know what you are reaching for. It is no different to having a piece of gum or a breath mint. Plus, many CBD gummies come in discreet packaging without drawing too much attention to the product containing CBD. For example, the Mr.Nice 100mg CBD gummies come in an easy seal translucent packet making them easy to use and access any time. And, if you want to take CBD at work without having to vape it, take it as a pill or drop oil into your mouth, a gummy sweet is a great way to do this without the boss noticing. 

2. They taste nice

Gummies are delicious! Some people worry that they’ll be able to taste the CBD in a CBD gummy but this is not true at all. No matter your preference, whether you like strong sour fizzy tastes, menthol sweets or fruity flavours, there will be a CBD gummy for you. If you do enjoy the natural taste of CBD, you can also find gummies that amplify this, rather than covering it up. As an added bonus, CBD gummies can also be great for weight loss - you can boycott the dessert and have a CBD gummy instead. We particularly like the Hempathy Fizzy Gummy Bears, and Orange County Peach Rings.  

3. They come in different strengths

Much like with CBD oil and CBD vape kits, CBD gummies also come in a range of strengths. There is no ‘one’ strength with CBD - each product is different. Some people like to take high amounts of CBD because it might help them with certain conditions, such as chronic pain or epilepsy. Other people prefer small microdoses of CBD. It’s important to think carefully about the dose you need. As a rule of thumb, start on a low dose, such as the Love Hemp 50mg jelly domes. These contain just 5mg of CBD per jelly dome, which is a nice way of introducing CBD into your body to let it get used to it. Then you can build up to a higher amount, potentially getting gummies with up to 4000mg boxes of gummies

4. They’re convenient

When you vape CBD, there are several things to consider. First, are you in an environment where vaping is permitted? Some public spaces don’t like vaping, such as in restaurants or in the workplace. Secondly, are people around you bothered by vaping? Do you need to vape outside in the rain? Can you travel with your vape kit? Does your vape pen need a coil change or e-liquid top up? Yes, it’s true, vaping can sometimes have its inconveniences. But gummies don’t. There is nothing inconvenient about reaching into your bag and pulling out a gummy sweet.

5. A good option for beginners 

People who are new to CBD might feel worried about the best way to take it. Some people won’t want to vape CBD, others might prefer not to take pills or capsules. So, for those who are new to CBD, gummies are a good first step. If one of your dropshipping customers approaches you with an interest in trying CBD, direct them to a reputable brand like Hempathy or Orange County, ask them about their flavour preferences and strength preferences and ensure you have it in your inventory ready to have it shipped to them. 

6. Long lasting effects

Thanks to the slow rate of pace of your digestive system, CBD gummies take longer to break down into your system than if you were, say, vaping CBD instead. Therefore you can expect a longer lasting effect rather than a quick hit. 

7. Act as a digestive aid

CBD is a natural digestive aid. So, when you incorporate CBD into your foods, you will naturally digest it more efficiently. Research shows that CBD is very good for those who suffer with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and so taking CBD gummies with other food can offset some of these common bloating and constipation symptoms. Sucking on sweets also decreases nausea, so if you get an upset tummy regularly, or symptoms of nausea, sucking on a CBD gummy not only minimises these symptoms but releases medicinal compounds into your body simultaneously. 

8. Improves focus

Did you know that sucking on a gummy can improve your focus? This is a happy byproduct of using CBD gummies. When you chew or suck on a sweetie, you can focus more on your work and also enjoy the medicinal benefits of the CBD within it. CBD itself can also improve your focus because it allows more serotonin to flow to the brain, consequently inhibiting the receptor associated with anxiety, addiction and sleep.

CBD Gummies For Your Inventory

If you are running a dropshipping business selling CBD, or use CBD yourself, JM Distro offers a wide range of CBD gummies for you to enjoy. 

If you are not yet dropshipping but interested in doing so, you can visit our dropshipping page for more information.  

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