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Nasty Juice 50/50 series 10ml 6mg

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Nasty Juice e-liquid is made in Malaysia. One of the most popular brands around, they focus on creating blends that deliver an authentic fruit flavour and pair it with the light taste of native, low mint for a cool and sweet finish.

- Made in Malaysia

- Low Mint

- 10ml E-Liquid

- 6mg Nicotine Strengths

- 50VG/50PG

- Blended For Mouth To Lung Kits

- Childproof Cap

- Tamper Evident Seal

- Recyclable Bottle


Cush Man e-liquid by Nasty Juice is a tropical fruit blend featuring cool notes. The juicy mango taste is consistent throughout, complemented by a subtle mint kick for a layered blend with a bold flavour.

Trap Queen e-liquid by Nasty Juicy combines the traditional taste of garden fruit and mint. The juicy notes of strawberry create a sweet inhale, complemented by the light floral notes of cool low mint on exhale.

Wicked Haze e-liquid by Nasty Juice recreates the taste of summer soda, with a cool undertone on exhale. The dark and sweet notes of blackcurrant are paired with a tangy lemonade, both of which are softened by the fragrant taste of low mint.

Green Ape e-liquid by Nasty Juice combines crisp, fruity notes and a cool finish. The fresh-tasting green apple flavour has a slight tart note, this pairs very well with the low mint. The result is a smooth all-day vape.

Slow Blow e-liquid by Nasty Juice is a complex soda blend with a taste that plays between sweet and sharp. The tangy notes pineapple are paired with a twist of lime, the fruit combo is combined with fizzy soda and the cool flavour of low mint.

Devil Teeth e-liquid by Nasty Juice combines tropical notes with a cool finish. The sweet and juicy taste of canteloupe melon comes through straight away. The fruity notes are complemented by the cool flavour of low mint.

Bad Blood e-liquid by Nasty Juice combines the taste of forest fruits with a floral undertone. The dark and juicy taste of blackcurrant brings with it a sweet flavour, softened on exhale the cool taste of low mint.

Fat Boy e-liquid by Nasty Juice is a sweet and minty blend with a tropical vibe. The ripe-tasting mango brings with it an overall sweet flavour with a sharp twang of citrus on exhale, all of which is topped off by the cool, floral taste of low mint.

ASAP Grape e-liquid by Nasty Juice features a blend of fruits with a cool endnote. Ripe and juicy-tasting black grapes and sweet mixed berries are combined with a classic low mint flavour, which sweetens the fruit and creates a cool finish.