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CBDeaze Full Spectrum 100mg CBD Bath Bomb – Love

by CBDeaze
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CBDeaze specialise in producing high-quality products which contain CBD. They have researched and developed a variety of formulas, strengths and flavours to allow anyone to enjoy the benefits of CBD through their product range. They only use ingredients that are approved, have full traceability and are of the highest quality.

Combines essential oils and scents to help revitalise your body. Therapeutic through and through.

- Formulated to have less than 0.2% THC using broad spectrum CBD
- Bespoke formulation
- Certified and lab tested.
- Full raw material traceability
- 100mg CBD / 6oz.

Simply fill your bath with warm water, drop in your choice of bomb and feel the fizz!

CBDeaze recommend 30 minutes of soaking to enjoy the full effects of the essential oils and CBT.

There's nothing like a warm fragrant bath to soothe away the day. These bath bombs are designed with specific effects in mind, and combine essential oils, salts and CBD to promote relaxation. The love bombs contain a relaxing blend of sensual essential oils including cedar-wood and tangerine that will help you get in the mood for love!

Important Information:
Not suitable for those under 18 years of age, pregnant, breastfeeding or taking medication of any kind. This product is not intended to cure, treat or prevent any kind of disease. If you experience any adverse effects please consult a healthcare professional. May contain traces of nuts.

Do not exceed more than 70mg of CBD per day.

Ingredients: Essential oils, salts and CBD

THC content<0.2%